Connected vehicles: it’s time to Move to Cloud!

Connected vehicles: it’s time to Move to Cloud!

To remain competitive on its market, the manufacturer wanted to launch a Move to Cloud project for its big data environment in order to offer its customers new services, improve tyre maintenance on HGV fleets, make it easier to predict in order to help fleet managers, and reduce costs for carriers.
The emergence of new technical challenges during the course of this project led our teams to make technological and architectural choices regarding the relevant data collection and processing systems, in an assignment characterised throughout by co-construction and mutual trust.


In Europe, one third of all HGV breakdowns are linked to the tyres, 90% of them due to inflation problems. Michelin decided it was high time it offered services based on preventive rather than curative maintenance! In addition, the arrival of new market players in the tyre sector, particularly in Asia, is forcing the manufacturer to develop innovative new offers and uses to maintain its position as market leader.



The goal of the strategic project to develop connected tyres was to offer new value-added services to HGV fleet managers and maintenance centres. The aim was to improve fleet management by storing all the data in a cloud accessible both to the carrier and to Michelin.



  • Support with the move to cloud of Michelin’s IT and business teams from 2015 to present
  • Architecture study of the initial solution, modelling of changes in business, security and technology requirements over time, technology benchmarking



  • Reliable cloud-based big data architecture to cope with the gradual increase in new usage practices
  • Multiple development teams comprising multiple service providers, all working in alignment with the same development best practices
  • Highly efficient interaction between the business, architecture and IT teams
  • Establishment of principles for monitoring and measuring the impacts of the progressive development of new usage practices on the Big Data environment and on security
  • Support in establishing the methodological framework for development in the big data environment, taking security constraints into account
  • Analysis of monitoring data, identification of needs for change and launching of the corresponding architecture studies.

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Sebastien Normand
Directeur BL technology
Nebil Briki
Directeur novencia Tunis
Guillaume Latimier
Directeur BL Product

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