Mapping and improving operational risk management

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Mapping and improving operational risk management

When paired with a proper understanding of processes and the control system, risk mapping is a powerful analysis and decision-making tool. It is therefore an integral part of the performance management system.  Since the Basel II reform, operational risk has been included in the calculation of regulatory capital, with a proportional impact on the quality of its procedures and its monitoring and evaluation system. Establishing best practices to reduce operational risk was our client’s aim.


The Basel II requirements have propelled operational risk to the same level as credit risk or market risk.
Analysing business processes and cross-referencing them with the different types of operational risks made it possible to identify, evaluate, rank and manage the risks inherent in our client’s activities.



Rationalise processes enabling new productivity gains, and improve quality and thus brand image among clients, all in a highly restrictive regulatory context and with an eye on change management.



  • Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Coordination and identification of the update scope (quality, productivity)
  • 200 workshops organised to update procedures
  • Workshops (Po and operational teams), iteration and introduction of the ID Card
  • Communication campaign among teams to manage the change
  • Sharepoint for storage and management of all operational procedures


  • New mapping format (scope, scheduling of procedure updates)
  • New way of managing and storing operational procedures (creation of a Sharepoint)
  • Establishment of a scorecard (to measure the maturity of each key process)
  • Facilitation of production incident resolution, by linking operational procedures with A3 incidents

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