Data & Customer marketing

Supporting organisations and companies in the operational rollout and implementation of their marketing, digital and data transformation strategy.

Improving the user experience, customer knowledge, and coordination of omnichannel marketing.

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Data Science


By using innovative mathematical methods and by carrying out modeling through Machine Learning, our Data Scientists know how to make the most of your data in order to respond to your problems (potential, predictive analyses, etc.).


As an historical player in Data Science, we master a wide variety of advanced tools and techniques in AI : Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision,…


Our team of Data Scientist, Data Scientist PhD, Data Engineer, expert for a majority coming from large firms or start up and who experienced different field, will support you in your projects and work to identify trends, patterns, connections and correlations in the large sets of your data :


  • Business and IT profiles will have to collaborate and iterate together within groups of employees chosen for their motivation and their support for the various issues.
  • New roles ( Business Owner, Product Owner…) will appear.
  • Dedicated « use cases » teams should be created to start


All of our Data Science projects are made directly with the implication of the end-users of the “product”.


Data Marketing


Data Science techniques are used in Data Marketing in order to go further into the constitution, the improvement and the exploitation of customer’s data.


Segmentation, profiling, augmented personae by AI

Your customers are looking for a unique experience in each interaction with your brand. You must better understand their needs and learn how to meet them. That induces a regular adaptation and most importantly differentiation from your competitors.


Predictive & descriptive analytics

Whether you have descriptive, behavioural or emotional data, it became possible to identify and to model the variables allowing performance optimization.


Advanced recommendation, substitution, optimization systems

There is a need to bring out new querying approaches in search engines
and equip recommender systems with learning techniques and advanced AI.


Textual and vocal analytics

Text analysis (NLP) has become much more than a simple method of automatic text processing. By identifying whether a positive or negative attitude is associated with a product, brand or service, it is possible to target the subject matter and improve it accordingly.


Optimization of sales and marketing performance

With AI, it is possible to combine speed and quality to optimize decision-making by adapting the valuation and monitoring of the performance of its sales and marketing strategy.


Data Analysis


A team of Data Analysts able to support you in identifying use cases, developing indicators, producing analyses, recommendations and reports.


We carry out end-to-end projects with our BI solution experts and our specific development skills to offer a valued experience to the different dashboard users, depending on the use of each. We support you from the selection of profitable Data Analytics projects to their industrialization.


Starting with use cases designed with the different profiles of users and data consumers, we are able to intervene from the design of the database to the development of reports.


Our approach unfolds around 4 main steps:


  • Refine and prioritize identified use cases, identify data sources, qualify the data needed for Lot 1 (quality, accessibility, availability, etc.).
  • Develop functional and technical specifications: definition of the target data model, development of the functional and technical architecture (extraction, ingestion, storage, exploitation, restitution)
  • Design the database
  • Develop the various indicators, share them, in order to assess their value and contribution to decision-making before adapting them if necessary and/or industrializing them.


Data Quality


Combining the most advanced approaches of Data Science, our solution automatically detects and analyzes the rules in real time, regardless of the data, and offers a fix and therefore an optimized user experience.

Equipped with an automated data quality solution, users benefit from a reliable diagnosis of the level of data quality and reports on demand. Thus, the data can be quality controlled before the analyzes are biased.


An adaptable, intelligent, and user friendly solution:


  • An analysis of technical data from source systems and values from business applications
  • A restitution of the results through a data visualization tool
  • Quantification and prioritization of errors
  • An estimate of the probability of errors and a justification of the results
  • An interactive analysis, visually interpretable
  • Correction proposals for detected errors


Analytics & Science Solutions Training :


Ready for use or tailor-made training systems adapted to your context, delivered face-to-face or remotely around market-leading solutions: Python, R, Power BI, Dataiku, Knime


Our training is based on solid foundations:


  • Expertise: Our trainers are certified or qualified in their field of Data expertise
  • Capitalization: We have a repository of practical Data cases on a large set of tools or themes to adapt to our customers
  • Pragmatism: Our trainers put their acquired knowledge into practice on consulting assignments with our clients.
  • Co-Construction: All our tailor-made training courses are developed and contextualized with our clients


Our training is broken down into 5 essential key stages:


  • Frame: Identify the expectations of the tailor-made training: initial level of the population to be trained, expected final level, technical scope, location of the training, skills and level of the trainer required, data sources available
  • Design: Build and customize the training curriculum and practical exercises according to the technology, the business objectives, the initial levels and the ones to be reached for the trainees
  • Train: Carry out the training with the trainees, have them test and verify their knowledge thanks to the practical cases prepared
  • Empower: Accompany the trainees to create their analysis tables, their data science algorithms, or to perform in their daily data activity according to their needs.
  • Co-Build: Co-build interactive analysis tables or data science algorithms with the trainees

Data Governance


Support in the framing, definition and deployment of the systems necessary to regulate the practices of collection, storage and use of data within your organization.


Keep control over your data !

Data governance has become a prerequisite in today’s ever-changing and highly competitive environment. Now that organizations have the ability to capture massive amounts of diverse internal and external data, they need a framework to maximize their value, manage risk, and reduce costs.


We support you in all your projects in order to meet the challenges of data governance:


  • Comply with BCBS239, DSP2, GDPR regulations
  • Meet the obligations and internal rules to which the organization’s data is subject
  • Ensured data security, integrity, and quality for proper use
  • Have a clear view and understanding of all necessary data used
  • Transform uses by mixing teams to multiply the value of data
  • Gain operational efficiency by facilitating access, sharing and quality of information
  • Gain stakeholder trust by staying compliant with regulations
  • Be a support for the company’s strategy


Data Driven Acceleration


Make your projects thrive by capitalizing on your data !


Becoming a Data Driven organization means putting data at the heart of its strategy, systems and processes. This paradigm shift requires the deployment of a 5-step plan, sponsored by top management and with a strong commitment from each employee within the company.
We have developed a pragmatic approach to support you in the launch or relaunch of your “Data Driven” transformation plan around 5 key steps:


  • Objectives & data quality plan
  • Organization & methodology
  • IS Architecture
  • Matrix use cases
  • Test and learn for industrialization

However, this major program does not prevent you from implementing a pragmatic plan and moving forward at your own pace and according to your means and needs.


SI Data Framework


Deploy a flexible and agile data architecture !


Our approach is based on business use cases that allow Data projects to be aligned with what is just necessary, while being in line with the real needs of users. That is to say the provision of the functionalities required for the valorisation of the data while gradually deploying a flexible and agile Data architecture.
A project methodology based on business use cases to identify and align data projects:


  • A repository of more than 100 data use cases, enriched with each new projects
  • An approach based on our assets, feedback and the principles of a “best in class” data architecture to map with our clients’ assets.
  • A reference evaluation matrix shared with all business and IT players weighted according to the challenges of our customers.
  • Co-construction work throughout the mission with the project team.
  • An expert system: we mobilize our Data experts on the different areas of the study (businesses, uses, organization & skills, architecture, technologies).


Data Enablement


Through this offer, we support our customers who wish to provide their employees with the means necessary for the optimal use of data.


Our mission is to support you in developing the skills of Data experts and empowering end users, in order to sustain and enhance the use of your data and increase your performance.

The main issues sought:


  • Facilitate ownership and develop skills
  • Increase autonomy and adhesion
  • Sustain the use of data and enhance it


All this with the aim of:


  • Establishing innovative strategies at each level and team of the company.
  • Identify trends and make accurate projections for the future of the business.
  • Save time and improve your productivity


We provide you with a hybrid project team made up of transformation coaches and experienced data experts who have already supported many Data companies in increasing the skills of their resources.


Data Culture


Design and support in the deployment of transformation plans, definition of new organizational approaches, identification of skills to be developed or integrated.


We work hand in hand with all stakeholders so that business teams make informed decisions by making full use of the data available.
Our team of experts supports you throughout your project to set up a data culture within your organization:


  • Know the level of your company in terms of data culture and know which means to activate to develop it
  • Develop the positive representation of data, inspire, make teams want to take an interest in it – from manager to employee
  • Support the development of new behaviors with regard to data, in terms of collection, sharing, use
  • Develop a learning organization by implementing new “data driven” operating methods and bring out profitable, recoverable and industrializable data projects.




Data Project Management


In addition to support in the design and implementation phases of your projects, our consultants can intervene in the run phases (test & learn, PoC, scaling).


Our team supports you in all of your data management projects. From framing to the deployment of devices: from the implementation of platforms to the industrialization of Data Science projects.


New methods inspired by Agility make it possible to establish or renew dialogue between Departments that most often work separately. Effective in the short term, these methods, however involve organizational and cultural upheavals: the Business and IT profiles will have to collaborate and iterate together within groups of employees chosen for their motivation and their support for the various issues. Take inspiration from or apply DataOps or MLOps methods:


  • Agility: Foster communication and collaboration between different teams, to accelerate the deployment of projects.
  • Devops: Align the different teams (Business, Project, IT) and automate the stages of the use case life cycle, from design to run.
  • Process Control: Monitor processes for continuous monitoring, better compliance and data consistency.


Data Factory


An integrated skills center to support you in your Data projects (Product Owner, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, UX Designer) from framing to production.


Each of the teams that we make available to our clients are adapted to their contexts and their needs, in their size and profile. Quickly autonomous, our teams become an extension of yours. The increase in load is adapted to the different phases of the projects. Novencia favors exchange and anticipation with its customers to best respond to the specificities and reality of the projects.


It is possible to integrate and improve the skills of internal resources, whether in the initiation, prototyping, industrialization or run phases, until a complete possible resumption of activity.


A methodology at the service of your development ! We strive to obtain tangible results for each data and AI project, by deploying an agile method in a spirit of continuous improvement. We adapt to the project methodology of our clients, but we recommend an approach based on 9 steps:


Definition – Ideation – Testing – MVP – Adaptation – Live product – Operational product – Scalability – Optimization


To carry out our Data projects, we promote communication and collaboration between different teams in order to accelerate the deployment of projects.

Data Lab


Novencia places R&D at the heart of its Data strategy. Through our Data Lab, our Data Scientists reflect on and design the most advanced AI solutions in line with market issues.


  • Incubation hub: support and convergence of innovative Data projects from reflection to Proof Of Concept or Proof Of Value.
  • Editions of solutions: imagine, design of solutions based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence offered on the market.
  • Technology watch: studies and POC of new technologies: data platforms, transformation tools, analytics tools, data viz, etc.


We define and manage a multi-annual roadmap in order to carry a long-term vision. Led by our doctors and in collaboration with our best experts in data science, we launch several innovative AI projects each year such as :


  • Enhanced Data Quality solutions
  • Recommendation engine
  • NLP
  • AI and 4.0 industry


Beyond the AI innovation projects, we are also leading initiatives with the Technology team of Novencia. We test and explore together the latest Data technologies, as well as the latest project methodologies in order to provide additional added value and optimize the progress of projects for our clients:


  • Deployment of a Big Data platform with Databricks
  • Development of multi Cloud Engineering skills
  • Industrialization and production of data solutions – DataOps

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