Fine-tuning of the user path

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Fine-tuning of the user path

Today, marketing departments need to go deeper, describing a subject or behaviour rather than simply measuring it. This is why Novencia & Think Out are offering a complementary approach that gives “personality” to your results. By reintroducing a human dimension into analytics, the experience offered meets users’ expectations as closely as possible. Our client, a major media group, is delighted with the results.


Too high a bounce rate, too high a churn rate, unqualified entry points, underperforming content…Our client, the top management team of a major media group, wanted to understand its audience, their usage practices and their expectations so that, ultimately, its digital teams would be capable of qualifying that audience in order to attract and retain new users. Novencia & Think out were entrusted with helping them conduct a perception analysis.



  • Improve the experience by understanding the motivations, reasoning and usage practices of different user populations and taking advantage of new usage practices
  • Measure the brand’s legitimacy with regard to some content
  • Support the management teams with a future overall or segmented positioning for the group’s brands




  • Feedback to top management
  • Single report including the lessons from the qualitative and data-driven approach: consumption level for each piece of content, user profiles, exclusive clusters, gateways, engagement analytics
  • Operational recommendations regarding the group’s various brands, the content of the user path and the user experience

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