Construction of an Innovation hub

Construction of an Innovation hub

There is no magic formula for accelerating digital projects…But there is a methodology! An all-encompassing transformation process based on the user experience, which does away with the boundaries between business functions and IT and leads to new behaviour. Reinvigorating innovation by ending a compartmentalised approach and developing new user paths to create a closer relationship with the customer.


Today, organisations in every sector need to drive their own digital transformation. In order to truly transform itself, the company must not be lured by the siren calls of a Lab or R&D with its “head in the clouds”, but understand that only a multidisciplinary team in direct contact with the business functions, and thus with customers, can generate real value!



The senior management wanted support in building and promoting to its teams an internal mechanism to accelerate digital projects. It also wanted to offer user-oriented services built jointly with customers.

The aim was to be able to launch the right product, quickly, with the shortest possible time to market.



  • Redefine the methodological framework for project management
  • Establish transparent project governance
  • Co-construct the methodological framework for the acceleration of digital projects, with the business and IT teams
  • Refocus projects on the customer experience (UX, Product Management)
  • Architecture study of the InsureTech platform supporting the development plant and the solution monitoring centre
  • Support with the establishment of the innovation hub, experimentation on 2 initial projects and change management
  • Support with the adoption of new usage practices, with regular demonstrations to users
  • Support to users in developing their skills in connection with the product



  • Delivery of the InsureTech platform supporting the development plant and the solution monitoring centre
  • Delivery of 3 projects: 2 sites for sports federations (FFGolf, FFM) and a borrower insurance price comparison site
  • Time to market and costs divided by 3
  • Calmer IT-business relations
  • Improved build-run coordination



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Sebastien Normand
Directeur BL technology
Nebil Briki
Directeur novencia Tunis
Guillaume Latimier
Directeur BL Product

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