Driving transformation through the customer experience: from ambition to implementation

Driving transformation through the customer experience: from ambition to implementation

Since the beginnings of modern blood transfusion one hundred years ago, blood donation has proved an eloquent illustration of what in the modern era we call the sharing economy, in the noblest sense of the term. That is why the “Établissement Français du Sang” (EFS), France’s national blood authority, is now having to adapt to new generations in order to attract new donors. It is seeking to move its relationship with its donors into a new era for a new generation, using new technology. Less medical, more social. A human and digital experience


  • Establish a transformation programme to shape a new phygital “donor experience” between now and 2025
  • Set the donor ambition
  • Build the implementation path (structure of Innovadon programme with internal leaders, management and coordination of key projects)
  • Instil a positive dynamic in the teams as regards the donor experience



  • Establish the path to achieving the ambition: visible effects for donors and employees over the period 2020-2025, prioritised and costed projects
  • Co-design the purchasing strategy, coordinate the stakeholder consultation and draft statements of requirements with a view to calls for tenders (RFIs, RFPs)
  • Coordinate UX/UI/SEO overhauls and model pilots and trials: new digital and customer relations services (in progress)
  • Structure the programme and provide coordination support
  • Create and coordinate the “Innovadon” community, made up of experts in the field, regional coordinators and donor experience ambassadors (3,500 employees involved in the “Instilling donor culture” part of the project)



  • Co-construction of the donor ambition with 80 experts in the field from the EFS
  • Benchmarking of customer/user experience best practices
  • Monitoring of new technological solutions to simplify the customer path, improve accessibility, increase selfcare and optimise the effectiveness of customer advisers
  • Launch of EFS Social Lab: system for foresight and listening to the donors’ voice
  • 360° evaluation of the multichannel system (digital ecosystem, remote contact centres, collection sites), co-construction of the omnichannel target vision and the 5-year digital/CRM and IS master plan
  • Writing of business cases

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Nicolas Diquero
Président Directeur Général Acemis
Rudi Jakobs
Directeur Associé chez Acemis

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