Orange: working towards “Essentials 2020”

Orange: working towards “Essentials 2020”

In 2015, Orange unveiled a new strategic plan to reinvent customer relations: “Essentials 2020”. The group wanted to understand all of its activities through the experience and usage practices of its customers, anticipating their expectations and responding to them in a personalised, targeted, effective manner.
It had a single, strong, demanding ambition: to make sure every single customer, wherever they may be, enjoyed an incomparable experience.


Support Orange with 5 programmes:

  • “The incomparables” programme: choose the incomparables specific to each country
  • ‘Exemplary service” programme: establish a single model for customer service at all contact points
  • “Redesign” programme: service, store and intervention
  • “Digital ready” programme: support marketing players in designing natively digital offers
  • “Manager Essentials 2020” programme: support the managerial transformation



  • Methodology for identifying drivers of differentiation through experience
  • Make the experience operational
  • Single approach to managerial transformation by instilling a new culture
  • 25 high-level certified coaches to support managers



  • Design of a method to choose the customer experience “incomparables”
  • Implementation support in the 3 pilot countries
  • Establishment of 6 principles for exemplary service, and co-construction of use cases with 50 heads of operational units of Orange France
  • Evaluation of customer services, stores and intervention units, establishment of target operational models (organisations, processes, make or buy, KPI) and transformation plans
  • Implementation of the marketing transformation via the “digital ready” approach in 3 countries
  • Design of the managerial transformation system for Orange France and support with the training/coaching of 5,800 managers

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Nicolas Diquero
Président Directeur Général Acemis
Rudi Jakobs
Directeur Associé chez Acemis

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